The Vendor exercises an electronic commercial activity and offers an online service of Product sailing
via the Internet website. The present Terms and Conditions are exclusively reserved
for non professional and consumer buyers.


The terms used for the present Terms and Conditions have the following meaning:

Buyer: physical person who acquires Products via the Website.
Order: purchase order made by the Buyer concerning one or several Products and accepted by the
Vendor according to the Terms and Conditions.
The Party or Parties: the Vendor and/or the Buyer
Product: item the Vendor offers for sale via the Website
Website: Internet Website available via the following address: on which the Vendor
offers Products for sale
Vendor: Company: Feerik SAS
Commercial name: Feerik
Legal status: SAS with a capital of 45 000 €
Address: Clos saint Georges 598, chemin du redonnel - France
Siret number: 482 808 219 00026
Intra-EU VAT number : FR08482808219
Contact :
that offers Products for sale via the Website


The Terms and Conditions aim at defining the rights and obligations of the Vendor and the Buyer
within the framework of the selling of Products via the Website.


The Terms and Conditions apply to all the sales of Products by the Vendor to the Buyer via the
Website. The Vendor will only take an Order into account if the Buyer has accepted the Terms and
Conditions and if the delivery of Products takes place in Metropolitan France, in EU countries and


The Buyer places an Order on the Website. The contractual information are listed in French. These
information will be confirmed during the delivery stage at the latest.
The Buyer declares he knows and accepts the Terms and Conditions and that all sales are subject and
expressly conditioned upon the terms and conditions contained herein. The Buyer also accepts that
the Terms and Conditions are made available for him so they remain accessible and reproducible,
according to the aricle1369-4 of the French civil code.
The offers made by the Vendor on the Website are valid while they are displayed on the Website.
To be able to Order, the Buyer must supply data and fill in an online form via the Website.
The selling contact that links the Buyer and the Vendor is formed when the Buyer clicks on the check
box: “I have read the Terms and Conditions and accept them without reservation” during the order
confirmation of his Order via the” Terms and Conditions “ screen.
A confirmation email, that acknowledges the receipt of the Order and lists all the information will
be sent to the Buyer promptly. Therefore, the Buyer must supply a valid address when he enters the
information about his identity. In case of unavailability of the Products ordered, we shall advise you by
email. We shall propose you other Products to replace those ordered. May you refuse, we will carry out
the cancellation of your order and, if need be, your refunding by check 30 days after the request, at the
latest .


The Price indicated on the Website pages correspond to the prices including taxes but not logistic and
delivery costs. The Vendor reserves the right to modify the prices of the Products on the Website at
anytime and without prior notice. Yet, the Products will be invoiced at cost in force when the Order
was validated. The Products can be paid:
- by credit card via Paypal (for more information go to the Paypal Website The
payment validates the Order and launches its processing by the Vendor.
The payment order made via a credit card cannot be canceled. Therefore, the payment of the Order by
the Buyer is irrevocable, without any prejudice for the Buyer to exercise his/her revocation or anterior
canceling right.
- by check: made payable to Feerik Store - Clos saint Georges 598, chemin du redonnel – France. The
Product will be sent in the receipt of the check.
- by transfer payment according to the data indicated on the Website and that are sent by email after the
command is confirmed.



The Products will be delivered via:
− Lettre Max suivie for Metropolitan France
− Petit Paquet Prioritaire International for the rest of the world.

If the Product gets lost or deteriorated, the Buyer must inform the Vendor so he can launch the
procedure adapted to the insurance chosen and refund the Buyer within the allotted time according to
the General Terms and Conditions of La Poste( about 30 days after the request, searches made by La
The Product will be delivered to the address supplied by the buyer on the Delivery Address form filled
in with the Order. The Vendor undertakes to ship the Order Product within 20 working day, from the
date the Order is validated.
If the case of a delivery delay concerning the Product, an email will be sent to the Buyer who will
then have the opportunity to cancel the Order, and if need be, the Vendor will proceed to a refunding
under 30 days. The return of the Product and the refunding will take place under the conditions listed
here after under Article 7 “Canceling – Withdraw – Refund”. Products said to be dematerialized
contain Fee's and one or more in-game bonuses. They are sent via numeric channels to the game
account that the customer will have designed within the Order. The customer must enter the name of
the account (using the account nickname) that he wants to be credited on, when he/she orders on the Website. Dematerialized Products don't give rise to delivery costs. The numeric
delivery period varies from 24 to 72 hours:* products are credited via electronic channels* subject to a
valid nickname and if the need arises, a server number were provided in the order form.


The Buyer can cancel an Order as soon as it is concluded. And, after receipt of the Product by the
Buyer, he/she can has the right to Cancel the Order within 7 days, and send back the Product delivered
without any justification (The Items returned must imperatively be in their original packing, must not
have been used, be intact, and with the electronic bill joined to them or the Buyer might lose his/her
right to be refunded.)
If the Buyer uses this withdraw right within 7 days after receipt of the Product, the Vendor undertakes
to refund the Buyer within a few days and a period of time that will not exceed 30 days.

The shipping costs for returning the products are at the expenses of the buyer and will not be
reimbursed. The Products must be returned in a secure parcel perfectly closed. To use his/her withdraw
right, the Buyer must use the return module available from the order summary on the Internet Website
after connection to his/her account.


If the product received by the Buyer isn't conform to the Product designed during the Order, this
Product will be replaced (The Items returned must imperatively be in their original packing, must not
have been used, be intact, and with the electronic bill joined to them or the Buyer might lose his/her
right to be refunded.) according to the Buyer's request unless that request gives rise to a cost clearly disproportionate according to the other modality. If the Buyer's request cannot be satisfied within
one month after it is expressed, or if the compensation or the replacement aren't possible, the Buyer
will have the right either to send the Product back (in a secure and perfectly closed parcel) and to be
refunded the total price of the Product if the payment already took place or to keep the Product and get
partly refunded.
And, without any prejudice to his/her right to cancel, to withdraw and to conform guaranty pre-cited,
the Buyer benefits from the latent defect guarantee referred to in articles 1641 to 1649 of the French
civil code. These guarantees take place without any cost for the Buyer. The return delivery cost will be
paid by the Vendor.


The Vendor is responsible by full right towards the Buyer of the good processing of the order. Yet,
the responsibility of the Vendor cannot be engaged if he can prove that the non-fulfillment or the
bad execution of the order is attributable to the Buyer, to an unpredictable and insurmountable act of
someone stranger to the supply of the planned provision of service or to case of force majeure. The
Vendor cannot be held liable in the case of damages due to the Buyer's mistake in the scope of the use
of the Products.


All the elements edited on the Website such as sounds, images, photos, videos, texts, animations,
programs, graphic charter, software, data base are protected by the Code of intellectual property
dispositions and belong to the Vendor. The Buyer as any Internet user is forbidden from infringing to
intellectual propriety related to these elements and especially to reproduce, to represent, to modify, to
adapt, to translate, to extract or re-use a substantial part quantitatively or qualitatively excluding the
normal and conform use.


The Buyer is informed that during browsing, and in the scope of the Order, personal data related to
him/her, are collected and processed by the Vendor who is responsible for the processing of the data,
notably via the Order on-line form. The Buyer is informed that the Order cannot be executed if the
from isn't correctly filled in. This form contains the indication of the compulsory or non-compulsory
nature of the fields. This data are used for the processing of the Order and to ameliorate and
personalize the services offered by the Vendor. We commit ourselves to use them within the normal
framework of our activity and never communicate them, even for free, to a third party. According to
the French “Loi informatique et libertés”, the Buyer can access the data related to him at will and ask
them to be canceled, modified and changed. For that, the Buyer must send a paper letter to the Vendor.
The postal and email address of the requester must correspond exactly to those in the Vendor's files.


It is expressively acknowledged that the Parties can communicate using electronic channels for the
needs of the Terms and Conditions only on the condition that technical security means aimed at
guarantying the confidentiality of the data exchanged are set up. Both Parties agree that the email
messages sent and received are valuable proofs of their exchanges and if needed of their agreements
notably concerning the transmission and acceptation of Orders.


If one or several of the stipulations within the Terms and Conditions were judged illicit or void, this
nullity would not make the other dispositions of these conditions void, unless the dispositions were
inseparable from the invalid stipulation.


Terms and Conditions come under French law.


The Parties agree that in the case of a dispute concerning the interpretation of the Conditions, they will
try to come to an amicable agreement. If the amicable agreement failed, the dispute between the Parties
will be the jurisdiction of the Montpellier court.